Designed to resist

We spent nearly two years developing the first collection, carefully selecting suppliers, doing production and road tests 2MileSix has invested in security.

France is famous for its textile industry and in particular technical textiles, so the brand was able to select and use high quality partners to assist in the development of its products.

it starts with a sketch

The specification sheet for each textile is extensive and sometimes complex, because motorcycle clothing has particular requirements. Some suppliers have their own laboratory which enable them to carry out tests to ensure that the products they are offering meet our demands.

The certification OEKO-TEX, which guarantees the non-toxicity of textiles is becoming more widely used. It is an important item on our specification requirements the supplier must provide the certification relating to the textiles ordered. This certification also applies to metal elements and fastenings ( zips and poppers)

The 2MileSix brand has also ensured that the thread used in its clothing is resistant and is not the weak point of the garment.

A sketch is made of each piece to give the general look, then precise patterns are drawn. At each stage the criteria for adapting the garment to the female form, the comfort and protection are carefully taken into consideration.

The prototype is then ready to leave the workshop and static and dynamic tests are carried out. If the tests reveal any points that need adjustment whether that is in the cut, the comfort when in a riding position or any other problem this is modified on the model.

A prototype, faithful to the final article is then sent to the laboratory for the appropriate motorcycle certification.

2MileSix uses a French laboratory reputed for the certification of PPE equipment in the sport and leisure category. They carry out all the tests and validate the products that comply with the motorcycle standards.

All our products are road tested
protectors chosen carefully, flexible and comfortable
Protection against impacts is important. 2MileSix is constantly seeking the best solutions for combining comfort and protection. What is the point in having good protection if it is so uncomfortable that you don’t want to use it!! For our first collection we chose the latest protectors, designed, manufactured and tested in Europe, soft, comfortable but also with the highest certification level (2)

When the garment is approved then the production can be launched. The quality of the articles leaving the workshop is carefully monitored to ensure that they remain true to the approved prototype.

The procedure established with the workshops means there is strict quality control and traceability.

The garments are individually labelled, we advise against removing the labels.

jeans ready to wear on a roadtrip