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At 2MileSix we believe that riding means not only discovering new landscapes but new people too.

Some encounters make more of an impression than others and these became partners of the brand, supporting it from its first tentative steps.

Dark Angels Moto Club

Learning mechanical skills
Learning mechanical skills

Started in 2004 by a woman who wanted to create a forum to enable women of all ages, from all geographical areas, riding all styles of bikes to communicate and meet through their joint passion for motorcycles and riding. It quickly became popular and women from all walks of life meet and participate in activities such as ride outs, meals, mechanical workshops, bike handling workshops, road safety and charitable events.

In 2007 the Dark Angels Moto Club became an official entity thus giving weight to the different actions of its members. As well as the regular activities other big events were created, open to all, such as the annual meet, which is held in different regions each spring, the club party in September or the annual general meeting in October.

The 2019 rally in the Black Forest
The 2019 rally in the Black Forest
Activities all over France
Activities all over France

The club is very active on the internet:

  • The forum which is for women only ( members and non- members of the club) continues to be a platform for over 200 women, sharing resources and information on tours, travels, road books, mechanics, racing, equipment etc.
  • A Facebook discussion group “Le coin des Dark Angels” with an interactive chat room.
  • The public Facebook Page to follow news from the association.

Though the chats and beginners ride outs are for women only the majority of activities are open to men too, whether they are friends or partners.

As a paid up member of the club there are several perks such as preferential prices for activities, and reductions in shops. The membership fee enables the association to function and to continue to promote women bikers. Every year there are around 40 members.

Giving blind people a taste of biking
Giving blind people a taste of biking

Julie – Monkey Team

Julie is the monkey in Monkey Team, yes a monkey in a team of monkeys. How does she explain it?

A journalist said “In sidecar racing the passenger is called the monkey and the driver is the driver” That seems clear, but when the sidecar disappears and the driver himself becomes a monkey and the monkey becomes a driver… a Monkey Team is born!

Julie and Goulven met in the paddock of a sidecar racetrack but it was on a solo motorcycle that the two passengers took their first ride together participating in the biggest motorcycle rally in the world; the Moto Tour in 2017. On a 500cc and sharing the riding they crossed the finish line in Toulon. In 2018 as well as their respective seasons as side car passengers the duo took up a challenge; to put together their own team! Crazy! Two passengers in a sidecar is not the ideal combination. But Goulven took on the driving role leaving Julie his seat in the sidecar.

Since then Julie and Goulven have been a team on an F2 with a short modern Shelbourne chassis and a 600 GSX-R motor.

You can follow them on their Facebook page Go and support them at championship races. In 2020 there will be 4 monkeys in the sidecar!

A result on the Rhine circuit

Who are they?

Julie answered a few questions about her passion for motorcycles.


Big smile from Julie

She started riding motorcycles at the age of 8 behind her father, then rode her own 50cc at 14. When she was 18 she paid for motorcycle lessons, passed and bought a 500CB. She set off on a road trip in Belgium and to date they have clocked up over 100,000 kms together. It was her participation in the 2011 edition of Toutes en Moto (an annual event in France celebrating women motorcyclists) that encouraged her to connect with other female riders and she became a member the all women Dark Angels Moto Club, joining them on several ride outs. She then bought herself a 675 Street Triple and set off on it to explore Scotland.

Since the age of 25 she has been passenger in side car racing. In 2016 she became a mother but has not abandoned her passion for motorcycles.


With a passion for motor sports from a young age, Goulven followed in his father’s footsteps. At 22 he started riding competitively in the 500 promosport French Championships. He then took part in 4 endurance events and competed in two car Rally Raids. For 10 years he has been passenger in side car racing in French and Belgian championships which led him to compete in internationally renowned races such as the World Superbike Championship and the legendary Isle of Man TT races.

Mont Faron in Toulon

For the 2020 season the Monkey Team are no longer 2 monkeys on a sidecar but 4!!
Three years after his participation in the TT races as passenger for Francky Barbier, Goulven dreamt of competing again but as the rider this time! He is going to team up with Bruno Picquoin, someone who knows the TT well (he raced with Fanch LeBlond)

Calendrier prévisionnel pour la Saison 2020

To get themselves into condition for this demanding race the Monkey Team have a packed 2020 season. To be able to maintain such a full on calendar you need at least 3 passengers. Julie accepted to give up her seat in half the races to Clément Carré and Bruno Picquoin joins the team so that he and Goulven can get to know each other better.

It would be simple to content yourself with these changes of passenger, but no, Goulven is also teaming up in the sidecar with José NOBRE with whom he raced in Pre TT Classic.

Note ‘FLYING Monkey’: When a monkey does not have a regular rider, they can present themselves at a race and participate with a rider that has no passenger. Also known a spare passenger.

Leaning out : On old sidecars the co- pilot leans out in front of the side car wheel, on modern ones the passenger leans out behind the wheel.