Tailored for curves

Whatever your shape and whether you are on a peaceful ride or at full throttle, the 2MileSix collection is made to flatter and protect you.

You may be an occasional pillion rider, ride a scooter to get around town, be a Harley Biker, a lover of speed on a sports bike, touring with the wind in your hair, on a classic bike or neo retro, whatever the horsepower or the number of cylinders we are all faced with the same problems of weather and run the same risks.

Feeling feminine on a bike is not always easy. The protective clothing; helmet, gloves, boots and the bulky materials used to protect us from falls become a constraint when we get off our bikes at work or to meet friends in a bar or restaurant.

being feminine on a bike
a woman dresses for a ride

Our brand endeavors to find a compromise between adapting to the female form, the “style and comfort” whilst still insuring protection from impacts and abrasion, “security and femininity”. Our ambition is to combine the classic wardrobe items with the level of protection motorcyclists need. Equipment that is flattering but also gives proper protection.

Technical Materials

Made in France

All Shapes and sizes

A woman? Women!

Men and Women, different shapes different cuts

Twiggy, Monica Bellucci, Pink, Bella Hadid what do they have in common?

They are all women, but they have very different bodies. The same clothes would not suit all of them. There are 6 female body shapes and some of us fall between two of them. Small variations like thighs that are well muscled, broader shoulders, short body, long legs or the opposite add to these differences.  Why offer only one shape to fit all, especially for clothing that needs to follow your movement on a motorcycle?

With a huge dose of courage and after two years of research and development 2 MileSix was born. Designing clothes for women is relatively easy, designing motorcycle clothing that is feminine AND technical was a big challenge, especially starting from scratch!

With its first collection this new brand aims to fulfil two requirements: to be safe AND feminine on a motorcycle. No more ‘Bimbo on a bike’ hello the 2MileSix woman.
Ride your style, ride with style!

the fabric is tested before the on roadd tests

Meet the creator

the prototypes are tested on a roadtrip

Céline, who started 2MileSix used her own personal experience to design products destined for positive, independent and inspiring female motorcyclists. She began riding as a pillion and then from 2006 rode her own bike. Her tours along the roads in France and her numerous road trips around Europe gave her more and more experience.
She was fed up with the range of clothing on offer to women, the shapes, the low waists, the girly colours of pink and blue, the frills and the butterflies and tired of buying from the men’s ranges to equip herself. After research to find out whether her observations and frustrations were shared by other women she decided to start out on the 2MileSix adventure.