Made in France ou fabriqué en France ?

2MileSix is a name that sounds English but it is however a French Brand made in France.

France has a reputable textile industry, particularly for technical textiles and still has workshops that work denim so it seemed natural to contribute to local economy!

Production of technical gear

Finding a workshop producing denim clothes was one thing, finding one capable of producing clothing suitable for motorcycling was another. The technical constraints and requirements are numerous and even if many stages of manufacturing are manual, production is organized to gain time and thus reduce costs. For example some workshops that have mechanized a maximum of stages still have a standard size for the back pocket on jeans, so it’s the creators job to adapt to production constraints.

The safety standards for the seams on motorcycle clothing is very specific, the first seam that joins the two layers of textile must be protected by a layer of material and a second seam. This inevitably increases production time because there are two operations instead of one. Doubling the length of time spent on a garment in a country where labour costs are low has less of an impact on the final cost than in France where labour is more expensive.

Another important consideration is the strength of the textiles. To be properly protected the material must be resistant to abrasion and tearing/cutting. This poses another constraint on the workshop as the first stage in production is to cut the material which is difficult with tough textiles.

After much research and many meetings the brand finally chose two workshops in France to manufacture its garments.

must be resistant to falls
Motorcycle jeans ready for shipping

Sourcing the materials and accessories also has its difficulties; resistance and proximity.

Drapeau espagnolThe Armalith comes from Spain.


Drapeau françaisThe material for the jeans pockets and the pockets for the knee and hip protectors, the linings and the neoprene come from France (Rhone Alpes). The lining for the jacket pockets from Europe. The poppers and zips are also from France.

The thread is from one of the main international suppliers and is foreign made.

Drapeau françaisThe jackets and jeans are washed before being marketed. This first wash ensures that any shrinkage has occurred and the garment has its definitive shape. This process is carried out in France by two companies.

Drapeau de l'Union EuropéenneAnd the protectors? No French supplier could be found for these, but they are manufactured in Europe.

Using European and French raw materials and with manufacturing and washing carried out in France, 2MileSix is a French brand that is rooted in France.

More information on manufacturing and labelling of products is available here