Parce que la moto ce sont des motardes, parce que la moto ce sont des rencontres, je propose de vous présenter quelques femmes qui ont la moto en perfusion.

Because motorcycling is also about women, because motorcycling is about meeting people, let me introduce you to some women who love motorcycles.

I met @amy_waitforit_mir during our #Roadtrip this summer through #Norway to Northcap #Nordkapp. She has a lot of energy, riding, hiking… She’s amazing and rode from Tromso to Stavanger (roughly 2000km) alone on her #CBR929RR she just bought.

Amy motarde norvégienne pays des légendes

When and how did you discover the motorcycle world?

I grew up as third sister in our family, and with only one brother in our house. I played more with my 7 years older brother then my sisters. I think he got some influence on me about motorcycles. But then, I noticed them on the road as well. And pretty much liked what I saw. Then when I was 13 years old I had my first ride. All though it was totally illegal. I was on family holiday in Pakistan, underaged, wore no helmet or Security gear. Though it was dark and late, way after bedtime. However, I managed to persuade my cousin for a ride on Asians most popular bike, #Honda. (Did I mention that girls where not allowed or though suitable as biker at that time in that country?)

Do you have one or more bike ? How do you ride with it (roadtrip, track, cross, etc)?

One bike, Honda CBR929 RR Fireblade. Track and roadtrip.

amy sur piste

amy sur piste

Do you ride alone or in a group ? Are you a member of a motorclub?

Ride mostly alone when roadtrips around hometown, Stavanger. Otherwise with groups, dependent which track, and event.

Your best memory ?

3 days on track at Artic Circle Raceway, Mo I Rana, Norway. It was a motorcycle course in technic, how to become a better driver, and to have fun driving curves. We were a group of 30 people maybe with a few girls. I tented on the track along others, made a lot of new friends, got to ride and learn a lot every day, hour and minutes.

Amy prete à rouler sur piste

amy sur piste

One word to describe motorcycling?

Adrenaline rush !!

August 16, 2022

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